Do you know how to access the Government Kickstart Scheme

Image of young people talking together with the logo for the government kickstart scheme


You may be aware that the Government has launched the Kickstart Scheme which is a £2 billion fund to create hundreds of thousands of high quality 6-month work placements for young people, but do you understand how it works and it could benefit your business?

The Kickstart Scheme provides funding for each job and will cover the relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week, plus the associated employer National Insurance contributions and employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions. There will also be additional funding available to support young people to develop new skills and to help them move into sustained employment after they have completed their Kickstart funded job.

Through the scheme, employers be able to access a large pool of young people with potential, ready for an opportunity. We will initially prioritise young people aged between 16 and 24 who are ready for an opportunity and will be supported by their  Jobcentre Plus work coach to enrol in the scheme.

To make a direct application for the Scheme, employers need to demonstrate that they have a minimum of 30 new roles to be filled. This is quite a tall order for large companies, so the Government has stated that companies may collaborate through an intermediary to reach the required threshold of new posts.

Professionals in Partnership HR Consultancy is providing this intermediary role for several local businesses in Wiltshire and Berkshire. We strongly believe that there is a genuine opportunity here to provide valuable work experience, to develop a support network for the young people in our local areas, whilst our businesses gain value from their skills and experience.

If you would like to join us and benefit from the Scheme, please contact me directly at

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