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Where are the people in your redundancy process?

Photo of a keyboard and a document entitled shortlist for redundancy, with a person's hand holding a pen hovering over the document.

Whilst it is important to comply with the legislative requirements of a redundancy process, it is equally important to remember to treat everyone with dignity, respect and kindness. In my experience, both parties find redundancy a difficult process and being compassionate can make a significant difference to how everyone involved copes. The ‘survivors’ are another key group to remember, because those remaining in the business … Continue reading Where are the people in your redundancy process? »

Is your business environment changing?

Photo of a chameleon in bold colours to illustrate change in your environment

No matter what business you are in or who your employees are, when faced with change people go through a cycle of emotions before accepting a new normal.  How you communicate and support your employees during the early stages of the change will set the tone for how successful it will be in the longer term. Here are some positive ways to manage change: Listen, … Continue reading Is your business environment changing? »