Professional People Programme

The Professional People Programme is versatile in its application and is tailored to your specific business requirements.

  • Start-ups use it to develop good practice within their foundations to enable future growth
  • Micro and SMEs use it to review their current practice, develop the capability of their people to build a stronger connection to the investment in their people and success in their business
  • All companies use it to enable transformation and change within their business

There are three key stages of the programme to work through, INVESTIGATE, DEVELOP and IMPLEMENT. Each key stage has three key elements which are outlined below.

Whether you want to build or transform your people function and practice, the Professional People Programme provides the framework to meet your business needs.


From being unaware of what needs to change, to having clarity on developing your people policy and practice.

Health Check

From ‘at risk’ to risk management and knowledge of requirements


From open to litigation to solid legal foundation


From limited knowledge and capability in people practices to understanding development requirements


From high level strategy and plan to develop capability and confidence


From no link with your people and business plan to an agreed People Strategy and Plan


From no business or employee development to company learning and programme aligned to business goals


From underdeveloped team to capability confidence across all your business functions


From inefficient people process and practice to company agility, growth and value.


From unstructured and disorganised process and communication to streamlined operational efficiency


From feeling undervalued and disengaged to well-informed, capable productive and engaged team


From reactive to proactive, agile, high performing and a focus on continuous improvement