No matter what business you are in or who your employees are, when faced with change people go through a cycle of emotions before accepting a new normal.  How you communicate and support your employees during the early stages of the change will set the tone for how successful it will be in the longer term.

Here are some positive ways to manage change:

  • Listen, then listen some more. Acknowledge your employees’ anxieties whilst gently supplying them with the information they need to put their immediate fears into context and dispel unhelpful rumours and myths.
  • Only say what you know to be true, but do it as quickly as possible and supply your employees with as much information as you can, using as many different channels as you have available (company updates, email, videos etc) to clearly explain your reasoning for the changes.
  • Make clear what support is available – do you have an employee assistance programme? If not, what freely accessible resources are there available to allow your employees to come to terms with the change and reach out for help if they need to? Ideally this should cover financial, legal and mental health support services.

We have extensive experience of managing change.  Contact us to see how we can support your people, while you focus on the operational changes in your business.